Services - Groundwater, Soil, Solids

Groundwater, Soil, Solids

The stakes are high. Environmental engineers working in site assessment and site remediation capacities stake their reputations on reliable analytical results and so do we. Serving our engineering clients with reliable and defensible data in a timely fashion is our obligation.

As a certified laboratory, we perform analysis of groundwater, soil, and solids using EPA and state approved methods. We also have internally-developed, non-regulatory methods that provide our clients with insights to better understand site-specific conditions.

In addition to detailed, complete, and readable reports, we provide a well organized, well-liked EDD that presents sample results together with state limits for the standards you specify. Cases where limits are exceeded, and the specific limits exceeded, are highlighted for quick interpretation. We can also provide specialized EDD formats. We have a full-featured, secure web portal where you can retrieve reports and custody records as well as view project/sample data in various ways.

We provide containers, preservatives, labels, etc. for the collection of samples.

When you become a NETLAB customer you will be assigned to an in-house project manager who will bird dog your sample submissions as they progress from receipt to reporting.

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